Welcome back to D-Star


So P25 is a bit dead here in the Central Valley and you can’t find where anyone is on DMR unless you go hunt them down. So, I figured I would give D-Star a shot again. HRO had deal on D-Star repeaters so I picked up a stack and I have WX6D…(Read More)

This started out as a just internal documentation for our admins, but then I figured I need to share this with everyone else as I had a hard time getting all this setup. Plus is best to share information than to withhold it. Your free to email me questions, but like everyone else I have…(Read More)

Sometimes you need to see RSSI information of the repeater your trying to listen to or maybe your trying to tweak your roaming settings. A quick and easy way to do this is to go into what I call a rssi diagnostic mode. To get into the RSSI diag view it’s pretty easy. Navigate…(Read More)

Scan List vs RX Group List


In Motorola’s world there are Scan Lists and RX Group Lists both have advantages and dis-advantages. I’ve been playing around with both for the past few weeks and below is a summary on what I have found. RX Group Lists help SAVE your HT Battery hands down. When I place my XPR7550…(Read More)

KE6YJC DMR Repeater Online


Well Christmas came early for Fresnoians! 🙂 I was able to get the DMR Repeater ahead of time and we have it online in a testing mode from the downtown area. Current tests show that the repeater can be hit with an HT up to Shaw Ave. The goal of the repeater is to provide greater…(Read More)



Welcome to the world of Ham Radio. I’m in the process of updating this website so check back for more information. I will also be transferring the information from my old ke6yjc.org site over here, but it’s going to take some time. If you have any questions please let me know…(Read More)

DMR Repeater Fund


There is nothing more fun than giving back to the community! This is why I’ve decided to put together a DMR Repeater Fund to help do a community DMR project. You can donate to the cause today. I’m in the process working with some of the local DMR Repeater owners to help make…(Read More)