Scan List vs RX Group List


A blue vector radar display. Vector illustration.

In Motorola’s world there are Scan Lists and RX Group Lists both have advantages and dis-advantages. I’ve been playing around with both for the past few weeks and below is a summary on what I have found. RX Group Lists help SAVE your HT Battery hands down. When I place my XPR7550 into scan mode by the end of the day my HT is almost dead and my poor little SL7550 is screaming for a new battery by 3p. However if I monitor via a RX Group List on my radio I can extend my “scan” time and reduce battery drain. One of the draw backs in using the RX Group List feature is you can only monitor 1 time slot at a time, additionally you can only monitor 16 talk groups (contacts) in an RX Group List. That said, most repeaters don’t have more than 16 TG’s on their repeaters so you will probably be okay. So if you are using a Motorola radio you might want to look into setting up your own RX Group List for a repeater you like to monitor and see if you can get some extended run-time out of your own HT. For those of you who don’t know how to setup a RX Group List I will be putting together another blog entry on how to setup an RX Group List soon.


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